It can be very rewarding knowing that you are providing care for a friend or relative which enables them to enjoy the best quality of life, but we are aware that the role of Carer can be very demanding, both physically and mentally.

At Clarendon Lodge we value our patients that are Carers. We are keen to support them both for their own benefit and for the benefit of those they care for.

Therefore we offer:

  • Free flu vaccinations each autumn
  • Carers health check ups once a year
  • An annual carers event - an opportunity to meet informally with other carers over a cup of tea and to find out about support offered by Guideposts Carers Support Service

If you wish to register with us as a Carer please complete this form.


Useful Links

Carer's Trust offer a Carer Support Service for Warwickshire.  Please go to:

If you are a young carer, you may find the Warwickshire Young Carers website helpful.