Local Events


06/08/2019 & 01/10/2019: Tea Dance Lessons

Location: Ballroom Court House Warwick

Foxtrot, Waltz or Quickstep? Well whatever you fancy they have got it! Designed for beginners as well as the more experienced dancers. A great social gathering led by professional dancers. £2.50 per person and refreshments included. 

Interested? Call 01926 411694 or email info@unlockingwarwick.org


Warwickshire triathlon

Location: Stratford Leisure Centre

Why do one sport when you can do 3! This event is great for both beginners and the more experienced triathlete. There are a variety of distances depending on preference. Click on the link to get more information regarding the event. 



Warwick Half Marathon

Starting at Warwick racecourse this event is a great way to get in shape. It is important that you train properly for this to avoid injuries. Click here for tips to help you train for the event.



Please note that we have not received any funding or favour for highlighting the above events. This list will grow with time. If there are other events going on locally that you feel would be benifical to promote for our patients we would love to here from you. Email: enquires@clmp.nhs.uk to give us the details.