Impacted Services at Warwick Hospital

Services impacted by Covid-19 from Monday 23 March 

There are a number of services that Warwick Hospital provide that are impacted by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Please find details of these below. We appreciate that this is a fast changing environment and we will continue to update you as any further impact is required. If you have any questions about these services please contact 


Acute Services 




The majority of remaining outpatient clinics will be virtual or stopped. Only by exception will a face to face appointment be facilitated. 

All physio clinics have been stopped, along with classes. Self-referrals will be returned to the patient. 

Referrals – we will no longer be accepting routine referrals and will only accept urgent cancer referrals. Please use consultant connect to discuss any patients you are concerned with using this approach with. 

Elective Surgery 

All elective surgery, except urgent and urgent cancers has now been stopped and this capacity is being prepared to increase our ITU capacity.

Integrated single point of access 

We are anticipating high call demand and so this is likely to impact on call response times. We are looking to mobilise volunteers by moving other staff, to help support this. 

Community Nursing 

Prioritise urgent and complex patients 

Urgent Patients include: 

  • End of Life care (including verification of death)

  • Diabetic dependent (insulin administration where all alternatives have been explored)

  • Complex grade 3 / 4 pressure ulcers including complex VAC therapy 

  • Vascular legs not in compression/wet double legs where Carer cannot be sourced 

  • Medication where unable to self-administer or Carer cannot be sourced 

  • Blocked catheters 

  • Expelled catheters where the need is related to urinary retention 

  • Expelled supra public catheters 

  • Priority patients to be identified and alternative support provided where domiciliary care providers are unable to visit. 

Ellen Badger Hospital 

The first aid centre and the Day hospital have closed. 

Specialist Nursing 

The team are currently reviewing non urgent work and stopping some specialist clinics. We will provide further information when we can. 


This service has now stopped taking referrals 

Pain Management programme 

Pain Management programme and Back in Action programme have been stopped. 

Women’s and Men’s health 

Pregnancy class, post op breast class and Fit for life (pre gynae surgery) class are all being stopped

Respiratory Physio 

Pulmonary Rehab programme has been stopped

Stroke Outreach and ESD in Rugby

This service is partially stopping: Patients will be telephone triaged and home visits undertaken as required