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The surgery is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday – Friday excluding Monday lunchtimes when we are closed between 1.00pm - 2.00pm. We are not open on Sundays and bank holidays. 

For evening or weekend appointments click here.

Saturday surgeries run on the first Saturday of the Month.

Please Click here for a downloadable surgery timetable.

We run a telephone triage system for non-nurse appointments.  

·       Decide which GP you want to see 

·       Decide when you will be available for a call back (Morning or Afternoon)

·       Call the surgery on 01926 331 401 

·       State which GP you would prefer to speak to.

·       Explain briefly why you need an appointment

·       Wait for a call back within the timeframe given by the receptionist


Discuss the issue with the doctor who will decide if a face to face consultation is needed. If so they will agree a suitable time that day.

Practice Nurses and a Midwife appointments are available to book according to our timetable – available at Reception.

Patients can see/speak to any GP or nurse, however, you may express a preference for a particular member of our clinical team.  Whilst we will attempt to accommodate your request to see a particular member of the team, we cannot always guarantee that this will be possible. 


We offer access to evening and weekend appointments. Click here for more information


 Type of Appointment

It is important to note that a number of healthcare services do not require a GP referral and are set up to take appointments directly from patients. A number of these services are listed below. Where applicable they keep us updated with your care and we often work together if further assessments are required. All the services are shown below and are at no cost to the patient. 



Physio referral

Free Counselling service on the NHS. Click Here

Eye casualty
Contraception Clinic. Click here.

Sexual health clinic

Social Services

Drug and Alcohol service