Services Not Provided by the NHS

Certain services provided by the Practice are not covered by the NHS.  These services are charged on a private basis and are listed below.  Please note that these are reviewed annual and are, therefore, subject to change.  Please allow 5 working days for completion.  This timescale may change depending on GP availability.

To Whom It May Concern letter £25.00
Fitness to......... Certificate or letter £25.00
Fitness to Travel Examination and Report £90.00
Holiday Cancellation £45.00
Holiday Cancellation - signature and dates only £30.00
Private Prescription £25.00
Private Sick Note £25.00
Insurance Claim Form £45.00
Fitness to Drive Examination £90.00
Employer Request for Medical Opinion and Report £90.00
Medical Examination £90.00
HGV/PSV & Taxi Driver Examination £90.00
Signature Required by a GP £20.00
Power of Attorney Report £45.00
Power of Attorney Report (Home Visit) £90.00
Sickness/Accident Benefit Claim Form £45.00
Sickness/Accident Benefit Claim Form without Examination £25.00
Vaccination Certificate £25.00
OFSTED/Fostering Health Booklet Completion £45.00
Adoption Paperwork £80.00