Leamington Primary Care Network Implant Form

Implant insertion/replacement/removal form

The Leamington primary care network is made up of the 8 practices based in the area. We work together to improve the care of all patients in Leamington. To this end the network has established a service to provide long acting contraception closer to home. Patients from Cubbington Road, Sherbourne, Croft, Waterside, Whitnash, Spa & Warwick Gates are all eligible. 

Long-acting contraception can provide a safe and effective method of contraception. 

The contraceptive implant is a small rod sited in the upper arm which provides contraception for up to 3 years.

More information can be found on theNHS choices  and sexwise websites. 

If you are considering using an implant, or would like to have a current implant replaced or removed please:

  • Read through this information
  • Watch the video below
  • Carefully read through the consent form
  • Complete a consultation with your GP & agreed that an implant would be a suitable option for you
  • And then submit the online form below. We will then contact you to arrange an appointment.
  • Please fill in as much information as possible to help us arrange your appointment efficiently.

Following this is you have any queries please email swg-tr.leamingtonpcnlarcservices@nhs.net

If you do have to cancel your appointment with less than a weeks notice please email the above address but also contact the practice where your appointment is booked. This is to ensure the appointment can be used by someone else. All other queries should only be directed to this email address.

Some of this information will already be included in your medical notes but this is a good opportunity to update any changes.

Please do not write any clinical queries on this form. Any clinical queries or request for appointments via this form will be discarded. This service is only for patients registered at GP practices within the Leamington Primary Care Network. Forms must be completed in the UK due to GDPR regulations.


Personal details
Appointment details
Please write N/A if not applicable

If your implant is overdue its replacement (and this should be done every 3 years), it is important you are using alternative contraception or have abstained from sex for at least 3 weeks prior to your appointment. Otherwise we may be unable to proceed with the replacement.

Please write N/A if not applicable

Further information

Is it important we avoid fitting an implant if you could be pregnant.

Not everyone has a regular cycle. If you do not know the exact date please select the closest possible or write N/A
Implant removals (without replacement)

If you would like your implant removed and do not wish to have another inserted please ensure you are using condoms/alternative contraception or abstain from sex for 7 days prior to your appointment. This is because sperm can survive for up to 7 days, and so if your implant is removed in this time period there is a risk of pregnancy.

Medical history

Implants do not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

If you have no current symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection but are concerned you may be at risk you can request an STI screen to be delivered to you at home via this link: https://www.freetest.me/

If you do have symptoms then please contact the sexual health clinic. Details can be found on this link: https://www.sexualhealthwarwickshire.nhs.uk/clinics.php

Some medical problems mean that certain methods of contraception are not suitable. Please fill in the following information:

And a few final bits of information
If the answer is no then you must contact your GP practice for an appointment before submitting this form.

Thank you very much for completing this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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